Introduction to SERM and its Tips- Nagarajan Sivanadipatham

Introduction to SERM and its Tips- Nagarajan Sivanadipatham

Any entrepreneur who is doing the online business will tell you how it is important to create and sustain an effective reputation in the digital world. Some negative reviews and unfavorable feedback can harm your business. It is due because in the online space a company’s market is depends on its reputation. When consumers find something negative review about a brand or services at the time of their search, then it can change their buying decision. So the great idea is to completely remove these negative comments. While it is impossible to remove negative comments completely.

Search engine reputation management (SERM) is basically an online reputation management and also the practice of attempting to shape public of a person or company by influencing online information about that entity. It mainly includes:-

SERP Cleansing: – It is the service of pushing the negative search result for your name out of the prominent first search engine result page (SERP). It can be done by textually optimizing pages on different pages on different pages of your brand name and by directing various to those pages.

Reputation Monitoring:- Google Alerts signals you when your name is mentioned on regular web pages. Social media is great advice which quickly indicates the problems. Social management can use to control the various social media channels so that you can reduce the problem before it ends up on regular web pages that could rank in your branded SERPs.

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Tips for Search Engine Reputation Management:

Supervise Your Online Reputation: – The most important step is to protecting your online reputation is how to monitor it. Finding what people are saying about your business in the online world or offline. You can placate angry customers as soon as they write negative comments about your brand online. If you fail to monitor you social media pages effectively, then it can create many issues for your brand.

Make Smart Use of Social Media: – The important thing is to make use of their social accounts to build and engaged more customers because these sites are highly effective and interacting with your audience. When companies are able to solve customer problems, then it builds trust with their audience.

Nagarajan Sivanadipatham is a digital marketing expert currently lives in the United States who provides the important tips to remove negative link and improve reputation in the digital world.

If you look for the more information related to it. Then you can directly contact with us. We would like to help you.




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